Value Added Audit Services

Expert Hospitality Knowledge

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Our in-depth knowledge of the industry allows us to take an efficient approach to the audit to keep our fees very competitive. The unique combination of accounting and hospitality consulting know-how provides the basis for the quality and reliability for which our services are known.

You will benefit from consultation with our highly experienced hospitality professionals, as part of the annual audit services, and included within the audit fee, we will provide to you each year and option of the following reviews.

Hospitality Audit Services

PKF-Nuobello will perform the year-end financial audit with the added benefit of using our hospitality expertise to provide commercial insights to assist our clients to enhance the effectiveness of its operations and improve profitability.

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Value Added Audit Services

Strategic Review

We perform SWOT analysis to identify potential business opportunities and address areas of current and future concern.

Financial Performance Review

We perform a detailed financial performance analysis in comparison to previous performance and industry benchmarks and provide recommendations in respect of revenue enhancements and cost reductions, to improve profitability.

Human Resources Review

Payroll is the largest cost of our clients. We will review your HR function to assess how our unique software, PKF People, can assist managing your staff costs more efficiently and cost effectively.

Contract & Fee Assessment Review

A high-level review of the management agreement and provide observations in respect of consistency with industry standards, fees payable to the operators and opportunities to improve the client's position in regard to the management agreement. 

Environmental Sustainability Review

We review your current practices and provide practical recommendations that can benefit improved sustainability compliance, cost savings and marketing and PR opportunities.